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The association of Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temples and Sanghas in the United States, Canada and Mexico . . .

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Events sponsored by NONA will be posted here on this web page. Please visit the individual Temple/Sangha locations for local events and schedules.

Highlights of upcoming NONA Events:

New Years 2013 Message From the Bishop of NONA

NONA 100 Years celebration in LA 2014

In 2014 we will hold the NONA 100 year and LA Temple 100 year celebration. Please talk to your local minister for more information. More information to come to this page later in the year.

NONA Retreat 2013 :

The retreat is an opportunity for Nichiren Shu members and anyone interested in Nichiren Buddhism to practice intensely and experience many different practices.

NONA Dharma Conference 2012:

The Dharma Conference is held every year as a learning opportunity. The Dharma Conference is held regionally and nationally. Sangha members and those interested in Nichiren Buddhism may participate in Lectures, Disccussions and Learning Experiences during the Dharma Conference.

NONA 2015 Buisiness Meeting:

The NONA Buisiness Meeting is held every four years. We will be holding our Buisiness Meeting in the spring of 2015 in New England. Please contact your local Temple/Sangha for more information.

NONA 2015 Pilgrimage

NONA Calendar

NBIC: For events sponsored by the NBIC in Hayward California, please visit their web page at

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