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Pictorial life of Nichiren Shonin


Emakimono - The painting of emakimono (picture scroll) is an ancient, traditional art form in japan which has been passed down from the Heian (794 - 1192) and Kamakura(1192- 1333) periods. Emakimono are composed of a number of scenes illustrating narrative tales, biographies and so on to which corresponding textual descriptions are attached. Originally made as scrolls, they were intended to be viewed as the scroll was unrolled. Most scenes are divided by intervening mountains or trees and shrubs while some are separated by clouds or banks of mist. The omission of a roof or ceiling in order to draw the viewer's eyes to a particular area of a scene is also a technique unique to the Tosa-e school. Scenes are meant to be viewed from right to left.

The following scenes are from a Emakimono published by Nichiren Shu of our founders, Nichiren Shonin's life story. The scenes contain biographical information as well as some mythical stories from Nichiren Shonin's life. Their are approximately thirty scenes from the scroll on this web page. The original contains many more scenes from Nichiren Shonin's life. This scroll was painted by Chokusai Unenaka. If you would like to learn more about Nichiren Shonin's life please visit your local Temple and/or read "Nichiren" by J.A. Christensen. For more information please go to slide 25 of this presentation.


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