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Multi Media

Several NONA Temples broadcast their services live on the internet via UStream or Google+. We have a Nichiren Chat group on Yahoo to answer questions about Buddhist concepts and doctrine. Our order also has a YouTube program called Hokke TV. See the links below:

UStream TV (Live streams of services on the net)

Google+ (Hangouts)

Some Temples use Google + for hangouts at there Temple. Please visit the web pages for more information about Hangouts.

Hokke.TV (You Tube)

Hokke TV is on YouTube. Please visit the web link below or do a search on YouTube. Most of the videos are in Japanese but there is a few in English for you to enjoy. The videos include sermons, discussions, lectures, services and celebrations. ENJOY!

Yahoo Groups

Nichiren Shu around the World

Nichiren Buddhist International Center (NBIC):

The function of the NBIC is to help overseas propagation throughout the world. The center develops and publishes books, brochures and pamphlets in a variety of languages. They also sponsor classes and events to educate ministers and lay people in the Nichiren order. They work under the guidance Nichiren Shu Shumuin (headquarters) located in Japan. Their offices are located in Hayward, California. Their website has links, address's for Temples around the world.

The Bridge is the newletter of the NBIC.

The NBIC website include copies of the Nichiren Shu News in .pdf format. This quarterly has many interesting articles and information about Nichiren Buddhism.

Temples around the World:

The NBIC website has a page with information about major Temples around the world. Please visit the NBIC website for further information and links.

Supplies for Practice

NBIC Bookstore

The NBIC has many books, video's and cd's to help you with your practice and study.

Hand-held taiko drums are used in Nichiren Buddhism while chanting. In the picture above, you see members of the 2006 NONA pilgrimage posing for a picture after the Oeshiki parade at Ikegami Honmon-ji. The members are holding taiko which they used during the parade. Many stores in Japan carry such taiko, but here in the USA, it is a little harder to find such drums. Miyoshi Daiko produces drums in the US. If you would like your own hand held taiko, please consider visiting Miyoshi Daiko's web site by clicking the word Taiko above. Whereever youpurchase your taiko, ask your local minister to write the Odaimoku on it, as seen in several styles in the picture above.