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Pilgrimage 2015


NONA sponsers a pilgrimage to Japan every couple of years.

We are currently looking at the spring of 2015 as a possible time. This has not been discussed or decided yet. 2014 is our 100th year in America and most of our planning is pointed in that direction at this time.

Please let us know you are interested in a pilgrimage and would like to go and start saving your money. Pilgrimages are a great oppertunity to deepen faith and learn more deeply about our lineage and the Dharma. When we go as a group it gives us opportunity to see and experience specail things that if we were by ourselves might not be possible. The time for the next retreat will come before you know it. Talk to your minister today.

Sometimes ministers or Temples sponser a retreat on thier own. Check with your local group or check other Nichiren Order Temples web pages.


2012 Pilgrimage pictures and memories coming soon.

2006 NONA Pilgrimage pics and story. This link will open a new window.

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