Nichiren Buddhism came to North America with Japanese immigrants in the early 20th century. Several groups in Los Angeles, California had been established for the study of Nichiren Buddhism in the early 1900's. In 1914 the Los Angeles, California Temple was officially established. Seattle, Washington would follow two years later. In 1922 the San Francisco, California Church would be established. The Nichiren Order of North America would grow over the next few years on the west coast. In the following years three new Temples would be established in Sacramento California, Portland Oregon and Vancouver Canada. The propagation of Nichiren Buddhism would hit some obstacles along the way such as the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II which would close all of our Temples. After the War the Temples would be reopened except for Vancouver which closed its doors permanently. In the following years several new Temples would be established including Chicago Illinois, Toronto Canada, Salt Lake City Utah, Gardena California, Anchorage Alaska, San Jose California and Boston Massachusetts. Over the years some of these Temples have closed but most of them are still open and propagating the Dharma. In more recent years several new Temples have been added to NONA including Houston Texas, Kentucky, Las Vegas Nevada, Charlotte North Carolina and New York New York.

The Nichiren Order of North America will celebrate its 100th anniversary in America in 2014. To see a list of our current Temples and Sanghas practicing in the Nichiren Shu tradition please see our Sangha Page.


There are currently 14 recognized Temples/Sanghas in the Nichiren Order of North America. For a listing please visit the Sangha page. Each of our Temples/Sanghas is a autonomous organization. Each of these organizations belong to the larger organization of NONA. NONA and its affiliates belong to the Nichiren Order (Shu) of Buddhism, headquartered in Japan. The below diagram shows the structure of NONA. The ministers of Nichiren Shu are ordained and administered by Headquarters in Japan. The NONA system is democratic and elections are held every four years. Each Temple/Sangha is a registered "Religious Non For Profit" and has its own bylaws which reflect the mission of Nichiren Shu and NONA. NONA is a registered "Non For Profit" in the state of California.

The current Bishop and President are:

Bishop Shokai Kanai

Nichiren Buddhist Kannon Temple of Nevada

address: 3920 Spencer Street, Las Vegas, NV 89119

phone: 702-396-6276


President John Petry


The Nichiren Order of North America is incorporated as a Non-Profit Religious Organization in the state of California (C1181740). The agent in California for our order is the resident minister of the Los Angeles Temple, Rev. Join Inoue. Copies of the bylaws and records are held by the Bishop and President and by all member Temples and Sanghas. If you have any questions or concerns about the orginization please see your local Temple or contact the Bishop or President of the order, listed above.

If you are a member of Nichiren Shu and would like to join the online egroup please sign up for our yahoo group below.

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This Yahoo group is a private group for Nichiren Shu members. The Yahoo group will post bylaws, meeting minutes and a calendar of all NONA events.