Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of San Francisco

The Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of San Francisco practices in the Nichiren Shu (lineage) of Buddhism. We practice the teachings of the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha as taught in the Lotus Sutra and follow the teachings of our founder Nichiren Shonin. Our main practice is of chanting the Odaimoku (Great Title) of the Lotus Sutra, "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo". We study and practice according to the doctrine of our founder Nichiren Shonin. Through our practice we realize and actualize the Buddha-nature of all sentient beings. This is to live in a way that is truly pure, happy, timeless, and authentic. Please join us and experience the freedom and joy of the Buddha’s teaching and practice.

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The Nichiren Shu has had a presence in America for many years. The first Temple was established in Los Angeles California (1914) and it grew from there. These first Temples were started by Japanese immigrants who wanted to bring there family religion with them to their new homes. In San Francisco a Temple was first established by a visiting minister who was attending U.C. Berkeley. In May 1925, Rev. Oniki was appointed the first minister of the San Francisco Temple. He unfortunately moved back to Japan after completing his degree in 1927. Without a strong leader, the Temple ended up closing. In August of 1933 the San Francisco Temple was reopened with Rev. Okihara who became its second minister. Even though Rev. Okihara had successfully helped establish several Nichiren Shu temples, the San Francisco Temple remained a small congregation. The San Francisco Temple waned and then ceased meeting. In August of 2006 Rev. McCormick was officially given the task of establishing a Nichiren Shu group in San Francisco at the general business meeting of the Nichiren Order of North America. Rev. McCormick was given this important mission because of his location and because he had already begun hosting practice/discussion meetings in San Francisco. Please join him in practicing the Dharma and realizing your own Buddha nature. Let us spread the Dharma to all so that this world may become peaceful and happy. To learn more about Rev. McCormick please read below.


The Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of San Francisco is currently headed by Rev. Ryuei McCormick. Rev. McCormick was ordained in the Nichiren order in May of 2001. He was one of three ministers who were the first to be allowed to attend Shingyo Dojo monastery without being able to read, write or speak Japanese. This was truly a historical landmark for the Nichiren Shu. He studied under his master Myokakuji Bestuin, the Nichiren Buddhist Temple of San Jose, California, for many years before before being tested, completing his training, and being ordained in the Nichiren Shu. He still participates at that Temple as an assistant minister. He has a masters degree in spirituality from Holy Names College. Rev. Ryuei has been working many years on the web and is the most visible minister of our order in that medium. He has helped with many publications along with the other ministers of the Nichiren Order of North America and continues his study of the Buddhist canon in order to further deepen his understanding and ability to apply the many insights and practices taught by the Buddha. The fruits of these labors he shares abundantly with others. He works and lives in the San Francisco with his wife and daughter, promoting the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Shonin.

To learn more about Rev. Ryuei and read some of his Dharma talks and articles on the teaching, practice, history and development of Buddhism please visit his other sites: and for a more personal idiosyncratic ruminations check out his blog at

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