in San Francisco

The Sangha regularly meets on Sunday at 3:00 pm at the Faithful Fools on Hyde street. Their is also a group that meets in Marin County on the fourth Sunday of each month and a group which meets for study of the Buddhist Cannon on the fourth Friday of each month.

You may also join the Sangha email group. Rev. McCormick will send out regular reminders to members through email. To sign up please email Rev. McCormick and let him know you are interested in regular reminders. mail to gif


*The San Francisco Sangha uses Meetup as a calendar for events. Meetup is a free service but does require you to sign up for the service. The service allows you to recieve notices and emails about events and changes to events or can be set to not send notices. It also allows you to RSVP for events. Please consider signing up on the San Francisco Meetup group. Click the badge below to sign up.

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The Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of San Francisco!

San Francisco

Meetings are held at the Faithful Fools building located at

234 Hyde Street (map on directions page)


Marin County

Fourth Sunday of each month in Marin County:

For more info and directions please call or email Rev. McCormick at (mobile) 415-350-9908 mail to gif

Sutra Salon

Is a group of people interested in the indepth study of the Buddhist Cannon. They meet in the San Francisco area. If you would like to join them please call or email Rev. McCormick at (mobile) 415-350-9908 mail to gif

Fourth Friday of each month:

The Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of San Francisco Hondo (main hall) at Faithfull Fools.


For more information about events, please call or email Rev. McCormick at:

(mobile) 415-350-9908 mail to gif

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Everyone is always Welcome.