Links on the World Wide Web

Here is a list of Nichiren Shu sites plus other Buddhist related sites that may be of interest to you.

Nichiren Order of North America Temples and Sanghas

Nichiren Buddhist International Center (NBIC): The official site of the Nichiren Buddhist International Center. This web page also lists Nichiren Shu Temples around the world.

Rev. Ryuei McCormick

Rev. McCormicks personal websites contain many of Rev. McCormicks Dharma talks and articles on the teaching, practice, history, and development of Buddhism. He also produces a blog which contains his personal thoughts, ideas, concerns, and rants about many subjects that effect us in our daily life or sometimes stuff that is simply irrelevant and inconsequential.

Study Section of this web page

Some of Rev. McCormicks articles can be found here in the Study section of the San Francisco Sangha web page.


A Picutre Biography of Nichiren Shonin (founder of the Nichiren Order)

Buddhist Images by Rev. Matsuda Zuiun (This site in English and Japanese)

Nichiren Shonin carved by Rev. Matsuda Zuiun.

Buddhist Altar Supplies (Located in California)

Wakamatsuya Buddhist Supplies in Mt. Minobu Japan (In Japanese Only)

If you are interested in products from Wakamatsuya please contact me and I will be happy to help (Rev. McCormick) mail to gif. As you can see from the picture, not everything they carry is on the web page but they will be happy to help with any product that you would like. There is a English inquiry button on the web page. It is a cousin of the owners that lives in the United States and speaks English. You will have to make payment by check to the cousin to purchase items from Wakamatsuya. The process of ordering from Wakamatusya will take time but is well worth the effort.

Nichirens Coffee House