We have recently 2014 updated the "Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo Romanized". It now has Kanji characters in all gatha sections and all corrections from the previous version have been updated. "Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo Romanized" is a liturgy book available for donation from the Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of Greater New England. The original book was published in 2006 for the NONA Pilgrimage that was held that year. It allowed the participants to participate in the service held at the head Temple of Kuon Ji in Mt. Minobu. The next couple paragraphs are from the Romanzed version itself to help explain its use during service. Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

The entire Lotus Sutra is chanted during morning service at many Nichiren Shu Temples including the head Temple of Kuon Ji at Mt. Minobu. Each day a section from the Sutra is read, so that by the end of 32 days, all 28 chapters of the Lotus Sutra have been chanted. Traditionally the Sutra is written in 8 fascicles (8 scrolls). Each fascicle is divided into 4 parts for daily chanting, making up a total of 32 parts. Because some chapters are very long and others short, divisions may occur in the middle of chapters.

The page numbers for this style of daily chanting are included here in this romanized book. Due to size restrictions, this version only includes Kanji characters for those selections that are read most frequintly in daily service (2, 12,16, 21 etc. . . ).

Around the world, the Lotus Sutra is traditionally read in shindoku, a reading of the Chinese translation of the Sutra with a Japanese pronunciation. It is a form of faith reading done as a practice which our inner Buddha nature understands. We also chant in our native language, to further our understanding.

Some elements of a stadard service have been added to this book for convenience. In Japan the Sutra is sometimes chanted in Japanese. A few of the more common chapters chanted in Japanese are added at the end of the book. Pilgrims will find this addition helpful while on pilgrimage in Japan.


"Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo Romanized" is available.

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